BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biden Names His Vice President Choice

Finally, at the last minute, the former Vice President and 2020 Presidential Candidate Sleepy Uncle Joe Biden sniffed out his running mate.

One can only imagine… If they want to live with the images what it was like with Joe Biden trying to select his Vice President candidate… I suppose considering the options he is said to have been considering he had already snuck himself a sniff or two from the black woman that he has chosen…

Who is that black woman that he chose? None other than Kamala Harris… Yup, the one that called him a racist during one of the debates and then rubbed his nose in it… But hey… It’s politics… The one you try to kill and lives is your friend the next day… But be careful because you never know when they will take another shot…

And you can be sure Kamala Harris is already looking for an opportune time to take her next shot… She wants to be President and knows that sleepy Joe is on his last leg and his mind has already departed from the stage… Should these two win the White House in November, you can bet it will not be long before Kamala Harris will be the first black woman President of the United States…

These two are an absolute train wreck… Let just hope the support Kamala Harris was unable to get during the primary is picked up during this campaign and the two of them discover in November that the American people had no desire to support either of them…

Things will begin to get really interesting now… Kamala Harris has all the qualities the new radical left despises and hopefully they make the campaign know it…

We have a very important election approaching America… We have two communist puppets running against President Trump and they need to be stopped… Vote Republican!

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Do You Think Kamala Harris Was A Good Choice For Biden?

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