BREAKING: NY Attorney General Seeks To Disband NRA And Charges Top Officials

The New York Attorney General Letitia James Has filed criminal charges against Wayne Lapierre, the National Rifle Association’s Chief Executive Officer, as well as three other top executives of the nonprofit organization. She is also seeking to have the organization disbanded.

The Attorney General of New York is alleging that they have violated the state’s nonprofit laws by diverting tens of millions through excessive expenses and contracts illegally. The diverted funds directly benefited the accused executives as well as their relatives and close business associates.

The National Rifle Association has been a registered nonprofit in New York since it was founded in 1871 and has come under fire from liberals around the country in recent years because of their aggressive efforts to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans.

The New York Attorney General has been officially investigating the National Rifle Association for about 18-months now and alleges that the Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre “instituted a culture of self-dealing, mismanagement, and negligent oversight at the NRA.”

Wayne LaPierre has been at the helm of the NRA for the past three decades and the allegations made by the New York Attorney General include spending some $3.6 million dollars of NRA funds on unnecessary travel consultants over the past two years and using private jets paid for with NRA funds to fly family members to events and then he set himself up with a nice little $17 million dollar post-employment contract for himself without board approval.

Mr. LaPierre also spent more than $500,000 chartering private jets to fly him to the Bahamas no less than eight times where he spent his time on a 107-foot yacht owned by one of the NRA’s vendors.

There is no doubt that this is a witch hunt and effort by the liberals to destroy the oldest and largest defender of our Second Amendment rights. If the allegations are true in regard to the abuse by these executives of the funds hard-working Americans donate to the NRA to support their efforts then I have no pity for them and they deserve to be criminally prosecuted. Seeking to have the organization disbanded however goes far beyond the Attorney General seeking to insure the organization is spending the funds appropriately… It’s a straight-up direct attack to weaken the organizations that defend the 2nd Amendment.

The organization’s executives can be replaced… They are nothing more than employees that possibly abused the trust the people placed in them… The NRA is too important to disband… They don’t just defend the Second Amendment they are also probably responsible for teaching firearms safety to more American’s than any other organization over the years… The organization is vital to the American way of life!

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