BREAKING: Seattle Police Invading CHOP! {{LIVE FEED}}

After several weeks Mayor Durkan has finally decided it was time for her to have the police to retake autonomous state of CHOP and they are at this moment invading CHOP.

After at least four people being shot and two killed hundreds of police in riot gear are gassing and pushing their way into CHOP. Most of the CHOP soldiers are retreating with little resistance but some have become rather aggressive. The Seattle Police have managed to reclaim their East Precinct station house and at least one police helicopter is providing air support.

We know that there are armed insurgents inside of CHOP but as of yet there has been no known resistance from them. The police have clearly been given authority and appear thrilled to finally have the authority to retake the area.

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As the police are moving through the area city workers are disassembling the barriers that they put in place… There have been some twenty-three arrest so far.

This is a developing story and we will provide updates through the day…

Do You Approve Of The Police Destroying CHOP/CHAZ?
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