Twitch Has Tweaked On Trump

Game on! It looks like the battle to defeat Trump by any means necessary has begun. Twitch has just become the first social media platform to not only censor the President of the United States, but they straight up put a temporary ban on him…

This should concern everyone, although I am sure it will only concern the conservative Republicans amongst us and the liberal Democrats will be thrilled… They will be thrilled until it happens to them and make no mistake about it, it will happen to them… It my not be in the same time or the same way, but they will come for them…

In the meantime let me bring your attention to the reason they have given for banning the President… Apparently Twitch and Reddit both have given the explanation that President Trump has been banned for violating their rules against “encouraging hate.”… Got that, encouraging hate?

No, it was not for encouraging people to destroy stained glass windows depicting the European White Jesus or His privileged European white mother… And no, it was for not encouraging a mob to gather at whatever historical monument still standing they have decided needs to be destroyed… And no, it’s not for calling the president of the United States and his family every nasty thing they can think of… No, nothing at all hateful like that… that’s the kind of hate that would surely get people banned from social media

President Trump had the audacity to repost his 2016 campaign speech in which he pointed out to people that many of those coming across our border with Mexico were not of the highest morale character and that many of them were rapist and killers… Of course Twitch and Reddit in their statement said that he “characterized mexicans as rapist” in that speech, which is a flat out lie, whereas the statement by President Trump was and is 100% correct… He didn’t say all Mexicans entering the country were rapist, but in the context of discussing the need to secure our borders making sure the American people are informed and aware that it is not always the upstanding law abiding people who are being smuggled or smuggling people across the border…

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Truth be told, the extent of the human trafficking taking place coming across the Mexican border is a tremendous problem that not only puts a heavy burden on those working the border, but police departments everywhere… We are constantly hearing the liberals chastise the President for lying or not being forthright with the American people about the true extent of the various crisis he has had to deal with since taking office… It’s not hateful to identify the importance of cracking down on those crossing our borders that are responsible for an overwhelming amount of raping, killing, and child abuse… In fact quite the contrary… It shows more compassion on his part than and President before him, including President Obama whose border authorities were turning a blind eye to children being sold as prostitutes and used for cheap labor on chicken farms as detailed in a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations detailed in a report you can read by clicking on this hyperlink.

The second violation Twitch says that resulted in them baning the President of the United States comes from a comment he just recently made to those in attendance at his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally… You know the one they made a big deal out of him only have 19,000 in attendance with about 10,000 empty seats… The one where they put heavy emphasis on that while never mentioning that 7.5 million people tuned into FOX News to watch him deliver his speech… Remember that one? Well, again while discussing the situation at the border bringing the public’s attention to his administration’s success controlling the illegal crossings, he mentions a scenario in which he refers to someone breaking into a sleeping woman’s house at night as a “very tough hombre.” OK, for those of you whose simple spanish is non existent or rusty, Hombre means man… He said a “very tough man” was breaking into a sleeping woman’s house at night and goes on to add that there have been many, many, many, cases like that…

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You do see how explaining to people that there is a problem with bad people crossing our border and letting people know about a man breaking into a woman’s house encourages hate right? Just in case someone has a serious answer to my rhetorical sarcasm please explain in the comment section below…

Now, I have to admit I am not a huge Twitch user… In fact, I have never used Twitch, but after just glancing over the content which revolves around computer games where people run around blowing each others brains out in graphic detail or slitting their opponents throat or opening their belly with a knife so they can watch the intestines fall out, I’m wondering who is encouraging the hate… I somehow don’t think the people getting excited about killing each other through video games find referring to someone as a tough hombre or pointing out that rapist are crossing our border illegally as particularly hateful…

Don’t panic though, if you are one of the blood and guts gamers on Twitch that liked hearing from your President on occasion they say the suspension is temporary… They just haven’t said how temporary… You gotta love people that invoke rules they haven’t thought through… But hey, in the liberal mind they need not know anything except Orange man bad… Show him hate and you will be embraced by the rest of the liberal morons

As for Reddit, who the heck knows what they will do… They have a long history of not censoring questionable content… In fact, it has become one of the most visited website in the world, because unlike a lot of other social media platforms they don’t interfere with people freely expressing themselves… Well, until the fear of the bad Orange man getting reelected entered the equation…

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These liberal morons were just fine with waving the flag and touting the First Amendment and free speech in the public square until the Orange Man came along and used their platforms to destroy no less that two of the most powerful political dynasties in modern history… The Clintons and the Bushes… You can expect them to pull out all the stops as we get closer to November… If Trump wins again they do not want it to be because he used their platforms again to do it… And it’s not just the President they will shut down… They will continue to come after websites like this one too… Anyone with any ability to speak in favor of President Trump will be the target of their censorship

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