BREAKING: WikiLeaks Julian Assange Picks Up More Criminal Charges

WOW! Now here is a name that had disappeared from the headlines awhile… But the name is back and the return of his name to the headlines is an example of the long arm of the law and the laws long memory… Let’s hope this long arm and memory comes back for the likes of Comey, McCabe, Strozk, etc., but that’s a story for a later time…

Today we are talking about Julian Assange who today was hit with a new indictment… The indictment does not add additional charges to the 18-count indictment filed against him last year under the Espionage Act, but it does “broaden the scope of the conspiracy surrounding alleged computer intrusions with which Assange was previously charged.” At least that’s how the Department of Justice has explained things… He was allegedly conspiring with the computer hacker Anonymous.

Of course the United States still has no idea if they will every get their hands on him… For seven years he was avoiding the long arm of the law by holding up in the Embassy of Ecuador in London that granted him asylum… According to Ecuador he couldn’t follow the rules there either so they eventually kicked him to the curb where he was immediately arrested by the British.

The British have been holding him in a jail since April of 2019, where he is scheduled to have an extradition hearing this September… Rumors are that he may not be in the best of health though so who knows what is going to happen with him…

Some people think he is a hero, some people think he is a traitor… Some want to give him a medal, some want to… Well, think horrible things.  Myself, I am not a fan of just releasing classified information just because you have it and just because you can… What he was doing and what Snowden did just to mention a couple did grave damage to our national security and possibly even lives… It’s one thing if information is classified to protect someone’s reputation as we saw done in the Russian hoax and someone’s conscience prompts them to release something. When you just dump anything and everything because you don’t approve of the methods or procedures or whatever ideological reasoning you might have and put the lives of hard working Americans or American assets at risk you deserve whatever bad things happen to you…

There are proper procedures people can follow to expose wrongdoings, ethical or otherwise, and people entrusted with our nation’s secrets have an obligation to follow the proper procedures to bring complaints of classified matters before the right people to review… If you betray the trust of the people you vowed to protect I have no sympathy for you when the law catches up with you… That includes these people who are given positions of trust by the President who quit and write books… That goes for Democrats and Republicans…

The world has a lot of evil in it and you will see a lot of bad things if you step into the arena where it is dealt with and fought… You may not like or agree with everything, but you were not the one elected to make decisions, you were hired to support that person… People should turn those positions down if they can’t emotionally handle that.

Assange was not the one stealing information, American traitors inside the government were most likely his source of information… If the info was obtained by hackers then shame on whoever is responsible for protecting our nation’s secrets… Why in the hell we have any highly classified information that can be accessed from the internet is beyond me… We survived more than 200 years without putting our secrets on such a vulnerable platform and we could survive another 200 without doing so…

The Department of Justice released the following press release about Assange’s legal situation:

“In 2010, Assange gained unauthorized access to a government computer system of a NATO country. In 2012, Assange communicated directly with a leader of the hacking group LulzSec (who by then was cooperating with the FBI), and provided a list of targets for LulzSec to hack. With respect to one target, Assange asked the LulzSec leader to look for (and provide to WikiLeaks) mail and documents, databases and pdfs.

In another communication, Assange told the LulzSec leader that the most impactful release of hacked materials would be from the CIA, NSA, or the New York Times. WikiLeaks obtained and published emails from a data breach committed against an American intelligence consulting company by an ‘Anonymous’ and LulzSec-affiliated hacker. According to that hacker, Assange indirectly asked him to spam that victim company again.”

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