$6 Million Dollar Bribe Scheme Associated With Biden’s Burisma Holdings

Wll, well, well… What do $6 million US dollars neatly wrapped and packaged, Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s son Hunter have in common? Nothing if you still believe in fairy tales and Ukraine investigators.

Ukrainian officials just seized $6 million US dollars that were said to be a cash bribe in a case linked to Burisma Holdings… Yeah, you remember that Ukraine gas company that Joe Biden’s son was being paid a handsome sum of money to sit on the board… Yeah, that’s the one…

Now, here is some news that won’t surprise you, Ukrainian investigators said during their press conference that this bribery case has no connection to former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

According to the officials who put the money on display at their press conference the cash was intended as a payoff to two of Ukraine’s top anti-corruption officials. There have been three people detained that include a current and former Ukrainian tax official.

All of the suspects involved are said to be associates of the former ecology minister Mykola Ziochevsky who were using the bribe money to stop a state probe of an embezzlement plot. Mykola Ziochevshy, the founder of Burisma was closely associated with the corrupt ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

There is still an ongoing Senate investigation into Hunter Biden’s involvement with Barisma and how he may have used his father’s position as Vice President to financially benefit the company. The head of Ukraine’s anti-corruption investigations, Nazar Kholdnytsky has stated emphatically that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have nothing to do with this particular proceeding…

Am I the only one that can’t quite bring myself to believe the Biden’s have nothing to do with this yet? Let me know in the comments what you think…

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