Buttigieg Gets Ripped On Times Square Billboard

Job Creators Network has been known to create a stir with its billboard in Times Square in New York City. This week was no different.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made an idiot of himself on Capitol Hill this week testifying that Americans should really begin to transition to electric cars.

“I’m still astonished that some folks and I felt this as I was testifying in Congress yesterday. Some folks seem to really struggle to let go of the status quo,” Buttigieg said on CNBC.

“If someone wants to raise the reasons why it’s hard, those are absolutely challenges we should be taking on and working through, but if it’s done as an excuse to do nothing, all we’re doing is signing up for more of these vexing questions that pit our interests, our alliances and our values against each other year after year after year.”

Some of those “challenges” are working Americans who are already struggling to buy food for their family and to put gas in their cars, and can’t come up with the extra $60,000 to $100,000 it takes to buy an electric vehicle.

Many Americans can’t come up with the extra cash to charge the vehicles, either, not that the current electrical grid is really up to the task of accommodating such a surge in need. Especially not with the concept of ditching traditional energy sources in favor of wind and solar.

So, what did JCN put up on their billboard?



“Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is belittling the problem as a mere inconvenience that can be avoided by simply buying an electric car,” said JCN President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz in a statement Friday.

“Perhaps Elite Pete should get off his throne to experience how the average American lives,” Ortiz said.

With gas over four dollars a gallon across the country, that would probably be too much to ask.

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Buttigieg Gets Ripped On Times Square Billboard

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