California Hits New Bottom

California Hits New Bottom With Proposed “Transgender” Legislation

Somebody has to say it. With all the coddling going on of men pretending to be women one way or another, no one is looking out for the women, the real women, and their rights among the LGBT crowd.

Nope. Not at all if a proposed California law actually goes into effect.

See, the People’s Republic of California is in the midst of allowing men, guys born as men, to determine which gendermale or female – they want to be while they are in jail. Guys living as females, of course, get the attention when it comes to this.

As a transgender woman, Jasmine Jones said California’s prison system constantly put her life at risk during the 17 years she spent behind bars by housing her among men.

Jones said she was assaulted repeatedly and raped three times in men’s prisons. Guards mocked her identity, Jones said and forced her to undergo humiliating strip searches that exposed her in public.

“They weren’t going to protect me,” Jones said, referring to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officers. “I knew that for a fact. The only person that was going to protect me was myself.”

Sorry, Mr. Jones. But as a he at birth, you are not a woman. Expecting protection as such in prison is unrealistic.

Real women, on the other hand, the ones born with female parts – ovaries, uterus, and an actual, real vagina – are the actual people in prison put in danger. Men who really are interested in being men, but are willing to put on an act to be incarcerated with women will most assuredly take advantage of that law.

And that is what marginalizes women in the entire LGTB fight. Women, real women, are vulnerable to the superior strength of men. Allowing the guys to choose which jail they go to endangers women.

This should not be that hard to see.

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California Hits New Bottom

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