California Lawmakers Pass Condom Law

California Lawmakers Pass Condom Law

In the midst of a pandemic, real or done via marketing campaign, runaway inflation, cargo ships stacked in the Pacific Ocean waiting to enter the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, not to mention a rampant homeless problem, the people in charge of California have made a controversial move that really does violate any sort of right to privacy we Americans might have.

They’ve declared that a man cannot remove a condom from his manhood while engaging in coitus with…anyone.

California became the first state to prohibit “stealthing,” or removing a condom without permission during intercourse after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law Thursday.

The new measure amends the state’s civil code, adding the act to the state’s civil definition of sexual battery. That makes it clear that victims can sue perpetrators for damages, including punitive damages.

It makes it illegal to remove condoms without obtaining verbal consent.

So…no sneakiness in the bedroom.

Legislative analysts said then that it could already be considered misdemeanor sexual battery, though it is rarely prosecuted given the difficulty in proving that a perpetrator acted intentionally instead of accidentally.

The Erotic Service Providers Legal Educational Research Project supported the bill, saying it could allow sex workers to sue clients who remove condoms.

Wait, sex workers have a supporting organization?

“This law is the first of its kind in the nation, but I urge other states to follow in California’s direction and make it clear that stealthing is not just immoral but illegal,” Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia said.

Newsom also approved a second Garcia bill, this one treating the rape of a spouse the same as the rape of a non-spouse, removing an exemption to the rape law if the victim is married to the perpetrator.

Given that one of the purposes of marriage is procreating…never mind. That argument is considered old-fashioned, morals aside. Rape in the case of the partners being married is beside the point. The state is claiming that men are the perpetrators in the most basic of human actions, coitus when they remove an extraordinary barrier.

Something is just very…not natural about this.

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