Canadian Cop Stands Up To Government Thuggery

Canadian Cop Stands Up To Government Thuggery (VIDEO)

Police work is almost always a thankless task. The men and women who wear the blue do so at their peril almost always. The dangers can take many forms, and frequently one small mistake can and does cost lives.

There are millions of widows and orphans who can attest to that.

What we civilians do not see always is the human toll police work takes on the men and women of law enforcement. They see things most of the rest of us would never dream could happen. Every now and then a cop will speak out about that, and how mentally they must shake off the trauma that goes with horror, but not always does an officer take to international social media to denounce the actions of his brothers in arms.

One Calgary police officer has done that. He posted a video on Bitchute that may well cost him his job, but his points are valid: the theft of fuel and resources by the police in Ottawa, no matter how inconsequential as the truckers protesting there claim it to be, was wrong on a level that the profession should condemn.

That they haven’t condemned the actions outright lends credence to the other charge this man lays: the police, in Ottawa, anyway, are acting as agents of the state in a totalitarian regime.

Justin Trudeau’s regime is attempting to intimidate, freeze out and otherwise annoy the truckers making a statement in Ottawa, but it is not working. The truckers are doubling down, having dance parties, playing pick-up hockey, putting up bouncy house activities for the kids, as well as having brought their own portable sanitary facilities, recliners, and other assorted furniture settling in for the long haul.

One might call it a modern siege.

The police disgracing their profession based on immoral orders just makes the whole ordeal more surreal.

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R Case
R Case
February 9, 2022 12:03 pm

Thank you for taking a stand. I hope this encourages your colleagues to back you up. Canadians are starting to understand who is running the show in Canada. Check out “Schwab admits he controls Trudeau.”

February 9, 2022 8:18 am

We better get our act together here in the USA. Things are are a lot worse then people think! Our government has been screwing is over. 1999 was a very significant year. Go to James Redpill on Rumble. Feb 3rd he downloaded a video Pt1 & Pt 2 are there of a Retired Special Ops./Psychological Operations , Soldier Robert Horton. Discussing what he and his military buddies found over the last decade starting in 2008 , while researching the mortgage-crash of 2008. Found a lot more then that considering our freedoms.

February 9, 2022 8:22 am

Heresb the link to pt 1