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Cardi B Suggests Melania Trump Was a Prostitute

There’s something about First Lady Melania Trump that brings out the inner cats all leftist women refuse to herd. Honestly, rather than attacking what she does or says, other than returning the White House Rose Garden to its original 1962 design, and making sure that roses are the predominant flower featured in the space, leftist women attack her personally, call her names, and impugn her character.

On Tuesday, while the first lady was making her Republican National Convention speech from that very rose garden, more than one celebrity got nasty when it came to her. Bette Midler picked on her accent, and then rapper Cardi B tried to resurrect the rumor that Mrs. Trump was once a professional escort in addition to being a model.

The actual Tweet and terminology Cardi B used are too vile for this writer to repeat, but the insinuation is that when she was younger, Mrs. Trump was essentially a prostitute, a notion that Mrs. Trump has denied, and has won court cases on the topic when slandered by other members of entertainment and media.

To bolster the point she wanted to make about the beautifully elegant first lady, Cardi B, whatever her claim to fame, dug up an old picture from Mrs. Trump’s modeling days that featured a nude frontal shot, implying that she was giving a come hither sort of look.

Given that’s what models are paid to do to sell the photograph does not prove Cardi B’s premise that Mrs. Trump had a previous career servicing men.

All of this vitriol from leftist women is really very unbecoming and will not attract those who see through it to their cause. Frankly, Mrs. Trump is loved by women on the right not simply because of her grace, class, beauty, and most perfect wardrobe, but because she is kind, and does not stoop to the depths of depravity when disagreeing with others.

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September 4, 2021 12:35 am

Cardi b is the hooker. She’s the female bill Cosby