The more time that passes following the 2020 presidential election, the more obvious the systemic corruption in all parts of the American political system is becoming. Case after case is being filed in state and federal courts outlining outrageous and egregious election fraud, and court after court is either refusingContinue Reading

One has to wonder how billionaire Mark Cuban made money given the poor business instincts he displayed this week. Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a franchise in the National Basketball Association – one of the four major league sports that’s seen a spiraling decline in viewership since takingContinue Reading

As if Common Core wasn’t bad enough, now government representatives from Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, are looking for the Illinois Department of Education to suspend the teaching of U.S. History classes until all “racist” material from the country’s past, regardless of whether or not it really happened, isContinue Reading

Recently, archaeologists camped in a Mexican cave for over 100 nights. This took place over several years while they were trying to find prehistoric limestone relics, concealed in sediment deposits on its sheer floors. Surprisingly, the archaeologists discovered three purposely shaped pieces of limestone in one of the caves. OneContinue Reading