In recent months, a very old conflict between the Chinese and the people of India has literally heated up in the Himalayas. Long a bone of contention between the Asian powers, the high mountains between the two was turned into a hot, soupy mess when it is believed the ChineseContinue Reading

Where's Hunter Takes On New Meaning

Usually, investigating crimes is the bailiwick of the Department of Justice. Sometimes, though, when the crime involves a public official while in office, Congress uses its privilege as an oversight body to do some of the dirty work before handing over evidence in a criminal referral. Take, for instance, theContinue Reading

Lolita Express Passengers Nervous

According to a report published in a British publication – not an American one where the Attorney General of the U.S. Virgin Islands actually resides – the woman, Denise George, has sued to make the flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein’s plane(s) nicknamed “The Lolita Express” public. “The Attorney General forContinue Reading

Disturbing Update On Pregnant Mom

If only the violent mobs protesting and destroying America’s cities would watch these videos with an open and alert mind… The video’s I am talking about is of a pregnant mother living under socialist rule where it is literally a crime for a person to “pursue a course of conductContinue Reading

Facebook Threatens Australia With Serious Ultimatum

The social media giants headquartered in Silicon Valley are well known in the United States for classifying published content “against community standards” or “hate speech” and thus removing it. In a land of free speech, naturally, that is offensive to Americans. But, in places where that particular right does notContinue Reading

WOW! This is a pretty incredible view that illustrates just how powerful the recent explosion in Beirut, Lebanon was. In case you have been living under a rock, on August 4th an estimated 2,500 metric tons of ammonium nitrate was detonated in Beirut, Lebanon killing almost 200 people and injuringContinue Reading

In an absolute victory for traditionalists everywhere, French President Emanuel Macron has abandoned previous plans to “modernize” one of the most iconic churches anywhere in the world. Instead, he is going to make Notre Dame great again by putting the building back together the way it was before April 15,Continue Reading