Left, right, and sideways, all we hear about in the context of the novel SARS-Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19 is testing, testing, testing. We’ve increased testing people, therefore, the number of CASES, not hospitalizations or deaths, just people identified as having the virus in their systems whether or notContinue Reading

Of all of the determined actions the Obama administration took to destroy the United States, one of the more insidious, was the intent to force low-income housing into every township in the country, and yes, that includes the suburbs, the areas surrounding cities where those who can escape the pathologiesContinue Reading

Anyone that pays even the slightest bit of attention to the things Democrat politicians do in Washington, D.C.,… are surely left scratching their heads every time they hear a Democrat complain that President Trump is changing the very fabric of our nation and as they like to say the countryContinue Reading

You know the pressure to change the culture is intense when the North American Scrabble Players Association sides with Black Lives Matter. It has happened. The people who sit around all day and come up with every three-letter word in the English language has decided to remove two hundred andContinue Reading

Let Religious Freedom Reign throughout the land! On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision in the Little Sisters of the Poor case against the federal government and handed the good ladies a decisive win in the fight against government encroachment on religious freedom. Officially,Continue Reading