Iran Sends Biden An Unexpected Message

The people in the Biden Administration had not even made official contact with Iran to resume talks regarding offering an amended deal when the Iranians put the kibosh on any such effort. After a report surfaced in American media that the Biden people were contemplating reviving the Obama Era financialContinue Reading

Now that photographs of migrant kids in cages at the southern border are showing up in the alternative press, anyway, one Democrat known for being in front of the cameras is openly questioning the Biden team’s approach to processing the children requesting asylum at the southern border. No less thanContinue Reading

Officially, the people who track air traffic over the continental United States say that the plane that the occupier of the Oval Office, Joe Biden, is using might well be a Boeing 747 with a presidential paint job, but since January 20, the plane has not been labeled AF1. AndContinue Reading

For a while, it seemed that one presidential tradition was going to be restored with the Bidens inhabiting the White House. Unlike President Donald Trump who is not an animal person, the Bidens brought their dogs Major and Champ, both German Shepherds, with them to Washington. To the outside world,Continue Reading

On the day when the fifth Republican in Name Only Senator, Roy Blunt of Missouri, announced that he is not running for re-election in 2022, the widow of the late leader of the RINOs, John McCain, decided to side with cancel culture on national television. Cindy McCain, the dowager queenContinue Reading

The more time that passes following the 2020 presidential election, the more obvious the systemic corruption in all parts of the American political system is becoming. Case after case is being filed in state and federal courts outlining outrageous and egregious election fraud, and court after court is either refusingContinue Reading

Democrats Rush To Sack The Nuclear Football

In one of the more intriguing political moves in Washington considering Joe Biden’s increasingly obvious incompetence and probable dementia, a group of Democrats in the House of Representatives wrote a letter to the man himself and requested that he share duties surrounding what is known as “the nuclear football,” theContinue Reading

In the rush to erase the Trump legacy from the American political scene, Joe Biden signed one executive order after another in the first month of his occupancy in the Oval Office. One of those orders was to suspend the deportation program at the Southern Border for one hundred days.Continue Reading