President Trump was interrupted during his press conference by the Secret Service and immediately removed from the press room after shots outside the White House were heard. President Trump returned to the White House and informed the press pool that someone was shot outside the White House on 17th andContinue Reading

Radio Host Wants Gun

It’s amazing what happens when the people in denial are visited by the very thing they refuse to see.  In Seattle, a couple of weeks back, a radio personality employed by ESPN pretty much dismissed President Donald Trump’s rebuke of the response of local authorities who happen to be Democrats.Continue Reading

President Trump has scored a huge endorsement from an association that backed the Obama/Biden Administration in both 2008 and 2012. After backing the Obama/Biden Administration in 2008 and 2012 the National Association of Police Organizations withheld endorsing anyone during the 2016 presidential campaign but in an unexpected move, they enthusiasticallyContinue Reading

It looks like President Donald Trump hit a nerve of sorts when he commuted the prison sentence of Roger Stone, a long time associate of his. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, she who became a multi-millionaire along with her husband while she has been in office, she who toldContinue Reading

Actions have consequences. Minnesota’s Democrat governor, Tim Walz, is learning that the hard way. After he and his administration refused to forcibly stop rioters, looters, and other mayhem makers from making a mess of Minneapolis and St. Paul, including destroying a number of small businesses and setting fires, he requestedContinue Reading

The Supreme Court handed down some much-anticipated rulings this morning in regard to the President’s elusive tax returns and financial records the Democrats so desperately want. There were two main cases before the court that were ruled on today. 1. One was the case brought by the Manhattan Prosecutor Cy Vance,Continue Reading

It’s almost as if the nation’s children are in the middle of a custody battle. They are caught in the crosshairs of an argument between adults who are squared off and squabbling about their welfare. In this corner, are the “medical experts” and various other busy-bodies who have been workingContinue Reading