It’s almost as if the people from the cancel culture loons on the left are looking for racism and controversy anywhere goodness and light-heartedness exist. The wackadoodles’ – who have taken it upon themselves to be the race and “stop over-policing” police – campaign for the removal of the movieContinue Reading

Like a bad hemorrhoid, you can keep pushing this clown Grandmaster Jay down but he just keeps popping up wherever dump your sh*t. The most recent appearance of this fool was in Louisville, Kentucky where he showed up with about one or two hundred of his militia members dressed asContinue Reading

Of late, the social media platform Twitter has been very active in banning and censoring what the powers that be there call “false information” and “violations of community standards” including “hate speech.” Usually, the accounts associated with such banning are conservative in nature, and the information being wholesale deleted isContinue Reading

If you still think anything good is coming from the recent Black Lives Matter movement after seeing this image then you must be one despicable human being. When anyone believes the ends justify the means then they become no better than those they find despicable… That seems to be theContinue Reading

Several Fox News Hosts have been charged with sexual harassment by one of the network’s liberal female contributors. The Me Too movement has resulted in a number of allegations made against men across the political spectrum and in every newsroom in America… Some have been shocking, some not so shocking,Continue Reading