Trump derangement syndrome knows no bounds, especially in Congress. Not only are lawmakers hell-bent on convicting President Donald Trump of anything, doesn’t matter the charge, that would keep him from attaining high office again, but now, they are throwing other former presidents in the mix. A couple of House DemocratsContinue Reading

The news hit an Axios headline like a freight train: the acting Secretary of Defense, former special operations officer Chris Miller, has ordered the people working in the Pentagon to cease meeting with the operatives from the “Biden Transition team” who are actively carrying out the delusion that there willContinue Reading

Earlier in the week, we brought to our readers an internet rumor about the United Stated recovering a server related to the 2020 general election in Frankfurt, Germany. In two separate accounts, the recovery of that equipment has been confirmed. The first confirmation came from Sidney Powell, a member ofContinue Reading

Arizona Remains In Play

So far, the 2020 presidential election has been quite the ride. On election night itself, one state after another was called by media sources for Democrat candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, despite the vote totals heavily favoring President Donald Trump. As usual, the counting had not come close toContinue Reading

Post Office WhistleBlower Reveals

Can this count the vote effort get hinkier? First, in several swing states, observers have not been allowed in facilities to do their jobs and be sure that the vote-counting is on the up and up. Then, in Wisconsin and Michigan, overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, hundreds of thousands ofContinue Reading

Trump's 2020 Presidential Campaign

Now that the 2020 presidential election is upon us, some reflection on how President Donald Trump was able to turn the COVID “pandemic” into a net positive for his campaign is worth some analysis. Earlier in the year, when the Trump campaign team started scheduling rallies just the same asContinue Reading

Anyone who has watched the manipulation of women over the years could see it coming. When one of the nation’s most recognizable groups for girls, and women, the Girl Scouts, sent out a tweet congratulating Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on her elevation to the high court, the meanContinue Reading