Chicago Judge Strips Police Union President of His First Amendment

Police And Mayor In Standoff Over Shots

As the age of COVID rolls on, workers in multiple industries are flat out refusing to be shot up with experimental gene therapies regardless of rules and “mandates” declared by various public officials. The declared federal mandate does not appear anywhere on government websites, so the heads of companies and local officials claiming to be enforcing the federal mandate are really just playing along.

Such is essentially the case in the City of Chicago where the mayor wants city employees shot up. The head of the police union has other ideas and has voiced his opposition to any mandate. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who really could pass for a sibling of a character in a Tim Burton movie, filed for and has received, a restraining order on John Catanzara.

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Cecilia Horan ruled there was potential irreparable harm if local Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara persisted in making such statements. City attorneys argued they were tantamount to him advocating “sedition” and “anarchy” because he was directing members to disobey an order from their superiors.

The court actions and mutual name-calling were indicative of a growing standoff between the city and the police union over the vaccine mandate, which has escalated in recent days even after Lightfoot agreed to give employees the option of submitting to COVID-19 testing for the rest of the year if they’re not yet fully vaccinated.

“As Chicago’s Mayor, I cannot and will not stand idly by while the rhetoric of conspiracy theorists threatens the health and safety of Chicago’s residents and first responders,” Lightfoot said in a statement issued Friday morning. Catanzara “has time and again deliberately misled our police officers by lying about the requirements of the policy and falsely claiming that there will be no repercussions if officers are insubordinate and refuse to follow a City and Department directive or order,” she said.

The mayor claims Catanzara is “engaging in, supporting, and encouraging a work stoppage or strike.” State law and the FOP contract both prohibit striking by Chicago police.

The Chicago FOP Twitter account responded Friday morning by posting, “President John Catanzara has never engaged in, supported, or encouraged a work stoppage.”

“They can take us to court all they want,” Catanzara said in a video posted Friday.

He also referred to the Lightfoot administration as a “dictatorship” and complained that First Deputy Police Superintendent Eric Carter is “threatening officers with termination carrying the mayor’s water.”

Things are certainly getting interesting in the Windy City.

Keep an eye on this one as more and more Americans in critical jobs decide their freedoms are more important than their paychecks.

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October 23, 2021 11:27 pm

I definitely stand with Catanzara. Lori may be Lightfoot, but she seems much more heavy-handed when it comes to enforcing, trying to enforce, or stubbornly not enforcing law. The language she and her far left cronies employ is exceedingly inflammatory to say the least. “Sedition and anarchy”? Really? The city attorneys sound worse than Trump ever did on January 6th. The CPU President’s description of her administration as “dictatorial” may well be an understatement; but at times she does present that image. Besides, a basic understanding of communication 101 would enable reasonably thinking individuals to realize that Catanzara was merely… Read more »