China Preps For Naval Battle Against US

China Preps For Naval Battle Against US

It is one thing to know on an intellectual level that the nation of China would like to replace the United States on the world stage as the pre-eminent superpower on the planet.

It is quite another for the evidence of that very effort to appear on satellite images taken over the Chinese mainland.

That, however, is exactly what happened over the weekend. In the desert in China’s northwest, they have built models of at least one aircraft carrier and one destroyer.

The images captured by the Colorado-based Maxar Technologies, dated from Sunday, show the outlines of a US aircraft carrier and at least one destroyer on a railway track.

Maxar identified the location as Ruoqiang, a Taklamakan desert county in the north-western Xinjiang region.

The independent US Naval Institute (USNI) said the mock-ups of US ships were part of a new target range developed by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

It was not clear from the images how many details had been included in the apparent targets, although the USNI identified features on the destroyer including its funnels and weapons systems.

So, the Chinese are using these mock-ups for target practice.

Not that they will admit anything of the sort.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, said at a daily briefing on Monday that he had no information about the images. “I’m not aware of the situation you mentioned,” he added.


Given the tensions in the South China Sea, and the Chinese aggression toward Taiwan of late, this development is not reassuring at all, especially if the models are detailed enough to include weapons systems.

The Chinese are not playing around. They have improved capability on an ongoing basis for the last few decades, often stealing American know-how in order to achieve this.

One has to wonder if they stole the plans for our warships as well.

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