China Threatens To Lockdown Beijing

China Threatens To Lockdown Beijing

It has become a wash, rinse, repeat sort of cycle. A few cases of illness are reported to be coronavirus or COVID and all of a sudden totalitarian measures are put into place by local governments to “stop the spread,” which, of course, only works so long as is politically needed.

After four weeks of lockdown in Shanghai, the government in China is now floating the idea of locking down Beijing.

The Chaoyang district of Beijing announced its 3.5 million residents will be required to undergo nucleic acid testing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after supposedly detecting 26 coronavirus infections over the weekend. Chinese data on coronavirus infections and deaths should always be viewed with suspicion, especially when seemingly tiny numbers of reported infections trigger waves of citywide testing and lockdowns.

“Health experts believed that Beijing has already taken effective and strong measures to prevent the situation from getting worse, and the results of the mass nucleic acid testing will be an index for the capital city to decide whether to take further anti-epidemic measures such as locking down some areas,” the state-run Global Times ominously reported on Sunday.

“As the district is set to roll out three rounds of nucleic acid testing on all residents starting Monday, some worried that certain areas may be put under lockdown and supplies might be an issue considering that residents in Shanghai experienced food shortages in the initial phase of the fight against the coronavirus,” the Chinese Communist paper wrote even more ominously on Monday.

A respiratory disease expert in Beijing told the Global Times on Monday it would soon be necessary to implement “mass testing or a lockdown” across much of the city to contain the “relatively insidious and contagious” omicron variant in accordance with China’s “dynamic zero-Covid” policy, which is not working very well against the outbreak in Shanghai.

“The city has recently seen several outbreaks involving multiple transmission chains, and the risk of continued and undetected transmission is high. The situation is urgent and grim. The whole city must act immediately,” Beijing municipal official Tian Wei said at a press conference on Saturday.

Funny, the omicron variant in the United States is said to resemble a cold, nothing more. And China wants to lock down their people for a cold.

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April 26, 2022 2:54 pm

Knock yourself out, China! LOL! Lock down your whole country.