Churches Being Attacked Across America – Media Silent!

There has been a lot of coverage of protesters destroying Confederate monuments and looting and burning retail stores around the country but there is one thing that the mainstream media is not letting people know about…

For some reason, the mainstream media does not want us to know that churches from coast to coast are being destroyed by these ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter morons in every Democrat-controlled metropolitan area they can…

In June there was a Tweet by a Black Lives Matter Leader named Shaun King encouraging the rioters destroying everything to tear down the statues of the white European “they” claim is Jesus then in a separate Tweet he encouraged the destruction of all murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus and His European mother… According to Shaun King, those things are a gross form of white supremacy and were created as tools of oppression…

The Christian Church Is Under Attack!

While those Tweets got a fair amount of attention from the mainstream media they have been relatively silent of the destruction of churches around the country… And there have been many.

In Denver Colorado, the so-called protesters attacked the Cathedral Basilica on multiple nights doing some pretty extensive damage. The main building and rectory were spray-painted with vile anti-Christian comments to include painting “Pedophiles” which is no doubt a dig at the recent controversy in the Catholic Church involving many child molestation cases. There was no lack of anti-police statements painted on the church either…

In Dallas, Texas the St. Judge Chapel that’s located downtown was stoned by a mob with bags of rocks that shattered a number of the church’s windows.

In Elkmont, Alabama the Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Church was destroyed by fire. The church only served a small group from the community but the fire was so intense that it took five different fire departments from around the area to get the fire extinguished… Fortunately, no one was in the church or hurt by the fire. The local county’s Sheriff Department is investigating the cause of the fire.

In California, the San Gabriel Mission Church that has stood for 249 years was destroyed by fire. The fire occurred just one week after the Father Serra statue was removed from the property. Everything in the church was destroyed by the fire with the exception of the altar… A message from God perhaps? The fire has gained the attention of the feds and the ATF is working with arson investigators to find the dirtbag or dirtbags that did this…

A man in Ocala, Florida was arrested for crashing his vehicle into the lobby of the Queen of Peace Catholic Church. After crashing into the lobby he tossed something into the inside of the church and it went up in flames. He then led the police on a high-speed chase before they fitted him for a sturdy pair of steel bracelets.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral located in New York City was also defaced by a mob of domestic terrorists impersonating peaceful protesters… Surveillance cameras show two women working the spray paint leaving the church covered in vile statements not suitable to be repeated as well as the more generic paintings of Black Lives Matter, George Floyd, NYPDK, etc.,… Money needed to help those in need in the local community will now have to be used to clean the profane paintings off the church…

In some places they have gone beyond just destroying the buildings, they are actually showing up during Sunday services and harassing and intimidating those trying to worship together. One such church was Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York.

On June 28, 2020, a mob representing Black Lives Matter showed up for Sunday services after seeing a flyer the church was circulating giving people the chance to win a free AR-15… Firearm raffles at churches in small rural towns are not an uncommon thing… Guns are as much of their life as the bible but the liberal loons are trolling for any reason they can find to make trouble.

The mob actually entered the church and started chanting Black Lives Matter and did their best to instigate a physical confrontation but ultimately departed the building with a couple of police officers shepherding the herd out…

That wasn’t the end of it though… The mob assembled outside and before the day was over punches were being thrown and the had to intervene…

These are just a few examples but religious statues and churches are being destroyed or defaced around the country and in some instances, people can not even peacefully worship together on Sunday morning because of these out of control mobs of domestic terrorists… I don’t know about the rest of you but at this point, I’m fine with President Trump using the insurrection act to shut these fools down… The longer they are allowed to act like they are, the more emboldened and organized they become.

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