Clarence Thomas Scares Pro-Abortionists With One Question

Clarence Thomas Scares Pro-Abortionists With One Question

People who watch the Supreme Court tell us that Senior Justice Clarence Thomas rarely speaks. In fact, for ten years – YEARS – before Justice Antonin Scalia was assassinated, Clarence Thomas sat in oral arguments before the court in complete silence.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in a case challenging a Mississippi abortion law that would seek to ban all abortions after fifteen weeks, which is a direct challenge to the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision that unilaterally bypassed the states rights on the issue to declare that there is a right for a mother to have her child killed for reasons of her own.

With two questions, Justice Thomas put the fear of God into the anti-life side of the issue.

“Would you specifically tell me, specifically state what the right is, is it specifically abortion? Is it a liberty? Is it liberty? Is it autonomy? Is it privacy?” Thomas asked.

The attorney for the plaintiff, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, gave some rambling answer, but it was the other question Thomas asked that got to the heart of the matter.

” Does a mother have a right to ingest drugs and harm a pre-viable baby? Can the state bring child neglect charges against the mother? “ he asked.

The attorney came back with.

“That’s not what this case is about, but a woman has a right to make choices about her body.”

And yet, the question remains. Does a mother have a right to harm her child in the womb? Given the warnings on various drugs, vaccines, and bottles of alcohol, it is a legitimate question that does need to be answered as the body of a pre-born baby is not his or her mother’s body, but a separate one.

Justice Thomas just put that reality into the record, and the pro-abortion crowd cannot do a thing about it.

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