CNN Host Almost Cries

CNN Host Almost Cries Discussing Israel Peace Deal With United Arab Emirates

In a recent interview with Republican Senator Barrasso who represents Wyoming, CNN anchor Jim Sciutto discussed the recent peace deal brokered by President Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The peace agreement between Isreal and the United Arab Emirates is a historic diplomatic breakthrough that will normalize diplomatic relations between the two countries and is the first significant step towards building a more peaceful, secure, and prosperous Middle East in at least two decades.

The deal is known as the Abraham Accord and the liberals have been scrambling to downplay the significance of the deal… It’s been called everything from nothing more than a political stunt to a distraction from President Trump’s failure to deal with the Coronavirus… Some have even commented that since there is no active shooting war currently between Isreal and the United Arab Emirates that it can’t be called a peace deal…

Of course, they seem to forget that during the Obama administration John Kerry made quite an effort to emphasize that there was no way there would ever be any possibility of peace or normal diplomatic relations between anyone in the Middle East until there was a peace agreement between Isreal and the Palestinians…

President Trump however is hoping that by establishing peace between all the other nations in the region with Isreal that the Palestinians will eventually want to benefit from the relationships as well… John Kerry said such a thing was impossible to achieve that way… President Trump is proving him wrong.

In the interview clip below, CNN’s Jim Sciutto who has covered the region as a reporter for decades acknowledged that it is in fact a significant development and asked Republican Senator Barrasso to give him his thoughts on the significance of the agreement for the region as well as for America’s national security.

As the Senator begins to share his thoughts on the significance of the deal it becomes apparent that Jim Sciutto is moved by his words and recognizing the significance of peace in the region he appears to become overcome by his emotions almost to the point of shedding tears…

Jim Sciutto doesn’t appear to shed any tears to me, but he does appear quite emotional as the concept of peace in a region he has seen torn apart for decades as a reporter hits home while the Senator is speaking to him…

Check it out and judge for yourself.

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CNN Host Almost Cries

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