CNN Talking Airhead Asks Feds To Stop Immigration Enforcement

CNN Talking Airhead Asks Feds To Stop Immigration Enforcement

After mass shootings in the United States, we are all used to the calls for more gun control as if criminals actually obey existing law, but usually immigration, legal or not, does not come up.

In the wake of the shooting in Texas this week, immigration, and illegal, did surface, and a CNN on-air personality called for enforcement of immigration law to be suspended in the town where the shooting happened.

Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, [Juliette] Kayyem cited the demographics of the area of the shooting to highlight the importance of halting immigration enforcement there.

“From an investigation standpoint, I’m going to do what the facts tell me now. So I’ve got demographics first of all, [it’s] an 80% Hispanic school district,” she said.

“So the most important thing for the federal government to do right now is to say there will be no immigration enforcement during this period in that area,” she added.

Never mind that quite a number of illegal aliens are actually criminals wanted in their home countries.

Due to the vicinity’s “large immigration population,” Kayyem explained that families should be united at this time and that “you don’t want people hiding right now.”

“We need to make that clear ASAP because of the political issues in Texas,” she said in reference to Texas’ dealing with record-setting numbers of migrants illegally crossing the border from Mexico into the United States…..

Noting that the town, located about 85 miles west of San Antonio and roughly 75 miles from the border with Mexico, is a “predominantly Hispanic population with a large immigrant community,” Kayyem reiterated the need to declare the area a “safe harbor” for illegal immigrants.

“We need the federal government to say right now, Everyone is essentially safe harbor right now in terms of immigration status,” she said.

“We need people to come forward, not to be fearful of immigration status,” she added.

What we need is to seal the border, not just invite everyone and their brother in just because.

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