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CNN’s Don Lemon Gets Shocking Response From Jacob Blake’s Mother

Every once in a while someone surprises us… No matter how long we have been around… No matter how much we have seen and heard… Every once in awhile it can still happen… Just look at the look on Don Lemon’s face when Mrs. Blake answers his question…

The anti-Trump, anti-Republican clowns masquerading as a news station while serving as the propaganda machine of the liberal Democratic Party recently invited the mother of Jacob Blake, the knife-wielding fool in Kenosha, Wisconsin who fought the police and tried to flee with three young children in his car after being tased by an electric stun gun and was shot by a police officer.

Before the public ever learned all the facts, after the media broadcast a brief clip of the incident which appeared to show a police officer shooting Jacob Blake in the back after he walked around his car and tried to leave, the Black Lives Matter mob began burning down the city they live in and depend on for businesses and services that sustain them… Idiots!

During the interview with Mrs. Jackson, the pompous Don Lemon in his trademark smug manner asked Mrs. Jackson if she had anything she wanted to say to the politicians out there, or if she had something she wanted to say to the President or any of the candidates…

Don Lemon must have been expecting her to unload on President Trump because of something said by another family member who was hurting after seeing her brother shot, but Mrs. Jackson’s response was anything but anti-Trump and an expression of love and regret for what is taking place… Here is the response he got from Mrs. Jackson:

“For our President Trump: First, I want to say a family member, and I don’t know if it was heard or not, said something that was not kind. She is hurting, and I do apologize for that. Our outburst does not reflect our behavior,” Jackson said. “And then, also for President Trump, I’m sorry I missed your call because had I not missed your call, maybe the comments that you made would have been different. And I’m not mad at you at all. I have utmost respect for you as the leader of our country. Like I said before, and I’m not saying this to him directly, we should always get the details from the right source before we start throwing bricks.”

The look on Lemon’s face would suggest this was not the response he was expecting… Mrs. Jacson goes on to say during the interview you can watch in the video below the following:

“Let’s use our hearts, our love, and our intelligence to work together to show the rest of the world how humans are supposed to treat each other,” she said. “America is great when we behave greatly.”

“How dare we hate what we are? We are humans. God did not make one type of tree or flower or fish or horse or grass or rock. How dare you ask him to make one type of human that looks just like you? I’m not talking to just Caucasian people. I am talking to everyone: white, black, Japanese, Chinese, red, brown. No one is superior to the other. The only supreme being is God himself,” Jackson said. “Please, let’s begin to pray for healing for our nation. We are the United States. Have we been united? Do you understand what’s going to happen when we fall, because a house that is against each other cannot stand?”

Regardless of Jacob Blake’s indiscretions in life, it is clear that he comes from a good family that does not want to see the sort of violence and hate taking place in Wisconsin or anywhere else in the country… Those people engaged in the looting and destruction of our country would be well served to listen to Mrs. Jackson and consider her words carefully…

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