Comrade Biden Urges Heavy Handed Tactics In Canada

It’s amazing what happens when the people who really do make the economy run decide to stop working and make a point. This week, an offshoot of the trucker convoy in Canada took steps to just make trade between the United States and Canada stop. They’ve put a blockade on the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ontario, and Michigan, thus bringing the US auto industry to more or less a halt as parts that come through Canada just can’t get to the assembly plants.

That being the case, the people supposedly running the American government are asking their Canadian counterparts to do something about the blockade.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg discussed the matter with their Canadian counterparts, a White House official told CNN. President Biden is “being regularly briefed” on the situation, the official said.

Mayorkas and Buttigieg urged the Canadian officials to “use federal powers to resolve this situation” at the border while offering the full support of the Homeland Security and Transportation departments, CNN reported.

The Biden administration is also in “close touch” with American auto companies, as well as other businesses and trade associations negatively impacted by the demonstrators rallying against a vaccine requirement for cross-border truckers.

The protest at the international bridge, as well as others in Ottawa and in Coutts, Alberta, have since grown into a mass revolt against Trudeau’s government and other coronavirus regulations.

Comrade Biden Urges Heavy Handed Tactics In Canada

The Ambassador Bridge carries 25% of all trade between the US and Canada. Cops and protesters were still at the span late Thursday, but an end may not be far off, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The end will happen when the shot mandates and all restrictions to movement among freedom-loving people are a thing of the past. The people, everyday working people, are standing up to the tyranny.

As soon as the “leadership” of the nations understand that, and all restrictions are lifted, the blockades will cease.

The little people have had enough.

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Iman Azol
Iman Azol
February 16, 2022 10:01 pm

We’re all in this together. As soon as Trudeau complies, the blockade can end.