Comrade De Blasio Calls Some Unions Unpatriotic

Comrade De Blasio Calls Some Unions Unpatriotic

It took a while for American unions and workers to get on board with protests against COVID-19 jab mandates, but once they did, disruptions to the comfortable American just in time life started popping up. Airline pilots started calling in sick (and are still calling in sick), and flights all over the world have been canceled. Physicians and nurses all over the country are being fired over refusing the jabs.

In New York City, so many firefighters and emergency medical services workers have refused to cooperate with the mandates, scores of firehouses have been closed. As well, the sanitation workers in New York are holding the line, and as a result, trash is piling up all over Manhattan.

And what does New York Mayor Bill de Blasio have to say about this display of displeasure from the cities unions over illegal mandates?

He’s calling the unions “unpatriotic.”

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” the day after the deadline for most city employees to get the jab or face suspension without pay, Hizzoner knocked the unspecified union bosses for “doing exactly the wrong thing.”

“There are some union leaders who have stepped up in recent days and said, ‘OK, guys, the law is the law, this went to court, it was decided it’s time to get vaccinated,” the mayor said. “Some union leaders have done the right thing. I want to give them credit.”

“But several unions have been, in my view, downright unpatriotic the way they’ve handled this, because they have put their own internal politics ahead of the needs of the people.”

The mayor’s comments come a day after about 2,300 firefighters called out sick, more than double the usual 1,000, leaving 18 fire and ladder companies “temporarily out of service” and many more undermanned.

Never mind that forcing experimental gene therapy without full informed consent on any population is a crime against humanity as defined by the Nuremberg Code. In this fight, that seems to be irrelevant, as does holding the line against tyranny.

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