Cops Find Hundreds Of Mail In Ballots In California Man's Car

Cops Find Hundreds Of Mail-In Ballots In California Man’s Car

Vote by mail has become a popular option in many parts of the United States. The states of Washington and Oregon use this method of electing their leaders, and since that has happened, those states turned notoriously liberal. The same thing happened in other locations that adopted this way of voting.

That being the case, it is most interesting that in the state of California – one ruined by liberal policiespolice found hundreds of unopened mail-in ballots for the recall election of Governor Gavin Newsome in a single car.

“Inside the vehicle, the officers found a loaded handgun, some narcotics, and then they found a bunch of mail and what turned out to be over 300 election ballots in the backseat of the vehicle,” said Sgt. Mark Ponegalek of the Torrance Police Department.

“They appeared to be in a box, but they were also kind of strewn across the backseat of the vehicle and so there was just a large portion of mail in that backseat,” he added.

Police have yet to determine why the unidentified man had 300 unopened ballots in his possession and what he intended to do with them. The ballots were unaltered and were addressed to residences in Lawndale, California.

Anyone who has been following politics for the last two decades can figure that one out.

The Los Angeles County Registrar assured that no evidence has surfaced indicating that the man intended to influence the September 14 recall election in any way.

“There’s nothing to indicate this was focused on the election,” the county registrar’s office said.


The 2020 presidential election exposed so many Achilles heels in the election integrity of the United States, that there is an actual forensic audit of one state underway, with several other states possibly doing their own. Mail-in ballots are part of every single process nationally. Stealing them out of unattended mailboxes is not out of the realm of possibility.

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California Hits New Bottom

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