Court Sides With Left

Court Sides With Left On Trump Tax Filings

For whatever reason, since he announced he was running for president, Donald Trump’s tax returns have become an idol of fixation for the left. It’s like they’re mining for gold and think that there’s some YUGE nugget in all those reams of paper prepared by tax professionals because the tax code – thanks to the left and them messing around with tax legislation – is so complicated, it takes people who study the rules as a profession.

Honestly, it’s as if the right to privacy afforded by the fourteenth amendment means absolutely nothing to these people.

And now, as the left has followed the same playbook it always does when a politician is standing in the way of their steam-rolling, court filings are dragging out what should have been an open and shut case.

Unfortunately, for the second time, an appeals court agrees with the agitators.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said in a written decision that a stay of a lower-court decision will remain in effect so Trump’s lawyers can appeal the ruling to the high court.

In August, a district court judge had rejected their renewed efforts to invalidate a subpoena that the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. issued to Trump’s accounting firm last year.

So, essentially, the lower court, in agreement with the Supreme Court in a previous ruling, is claiming that President Donald Trump is not allowed to claim any sort of executive privilege with his arguments that he should not be investigated while in office, let alone the protection of the fourteenth amendment.

This is the case despite the fact that Trump has been audited by the Internal Revenue Service every year with no negative rulings. There are also allegations regarding an alleged affair that Trump denies, but that is another issue.

Frankly, this is just one of many attempts the opposition to this president has taken to either discredit him or try to remove him from office. It hasn’t worked yet and probably won’t in the future.

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