COVID Mask Divide Heats Up In Miami

COVID Mask Divide Heats Up In Miami

Across the country, it is really rather interesting what locations are still intent on upholding the power of the mask to “stop the spread” (after a year, that power should have dissipated, but that’s apparently not happening) and which ones aren’t.

The divide, on a large scale, seems to be the very one that seems to define American politics even if it, in essence, is largely a smokescreen.

Democrats vs. Republicans and no place better exemplifies that divide like Miami-Dade in the state of Florida where the Republican governor has lifted all restrictions for movement and mask mandates. Frankly, Ron DeSantis does not see the use.

Neither, apparently, does the Miami Dade police department. They’ve stopped issuing citations for non-compliance with the local mask mandates.

The Democrats in charge of one of the largest cities in the United States are not amused.

On Monday, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava (D) released a statement alongside leaders of Broward and Palm Beach counties, criticizing DeSantis’s executive order canceling coronavirus-related fines across the state.

“While our positivity rate continues to trend in the right direction and vaccination efforts are accelerating, now is not the time to throw caution to the wind as we are so close to putting this pandemic behind us,” the statement read, contending that the governor’s order “inadvertently sends a message to residents and the business community alike that common-sense measures to fight COVID-19 are no longer needed — when we know that they do, in fact, work to prevent the spread and, most importantly, save lives.”

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber (D) has also signaled concern, referring to DeSantis’s move — barring police from enforcing the local restrictions — as “pretty bizarre.”

“It almost feels like he wants to be the champion for letting the virus surge through the community,” he said. “I have no earthly idea why anyone would want to champion that cause.”

Given that Miami-Dade is in the sunshine state where vitamin D is readily available to all residents year-round from a free source – the sun – and vitamin D deficiency seems to be one of the determining factors in surviving this specific virus as well as all others, “common sense” approaches seem to be unwarranted there.

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