Cowboys For Trump Leader On Trial

Cowboys For Trump Leader On Trial For January 6 Fiasco {GUILTY}

Amid all of the stories of isolation and the like coming from Washington in regards to the people imprisoned for the crime of entering the Capitol building or being in a restricted space or something, the name Couy Griffin really has not come up much. Griffin is from New Mexico and is the founder of Cowboys for Trump. He would frequently post videos of himself riding a horse in urban areas around the country.

Griffin is one of the hundreds of people arrested in connection with January 6, and he claims that the prosecution is targeting him due to his political stands.

Griffin is charged with two misdemeanors: entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds and disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds.

A key question in Griffin’s case is whether he entered a restricted area while Pence was still present on Capitol grounds, a prerequisite for the U.S. Secret Service to invoke access restrictions.

Griffin’s attorneys said in a court filing that Pence had already departed the restricted area before the earliest that Griffin could have entered it, but Secret Service inspector Lanelle Hawa testified that Pence never left the restricted area during the riot…

Smith said prosecutors apparently believe Griffin engaged in disorderly conduct by peacefully leading a prayer on the Capitol steps.

“That is offensive and wrong,” Smith told the judge during his brief opening statements…

Struck testified that he and Griffin went to the Capitol to find a place to pray. Smith asked Struck if anybody appeared to be “riled up” by the prayer that Griffin led.

“They started chanting, ‘Pray for Trump,” Struck replied. “It looks like they’ve been calm and they’re listening to Couy.”

In a court filing, prosecutors called Griffin “an inflammatory provocateur and fabulist who engages in racist invective and propounds baseless conspiracy theories, including that Communist China stole the 2020 Presidential Election.”

Griffin’s attorneys say hundreds if not thousands of other people did exactly what Griffin did on Jan. 6 and haven’t been charged with any crimes.

“The evidence will show that the government selected Griffin for prosecution based on the fact that he gave a speech and led a prayer at the Capitol, that is, selected him based on protected expression,” they wrote.

That certainly does seem to be likely given the reality that the paid invaders at the Capitol all got off with reduced charges or were able to plea bargain.

The entire January 6 fiasco stinks to high heaven, that’s for sure.

GUILTY: U.S. District Court Judge Trevor McFadden on Tuesday convicted an elected official from New Mexico of illegally entering restricted U.S. Capitol grounds but acquitted him of engaging in disorderly conduct during the riot that disrupted Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s presidential election victory. His sentencing is scheduled for June 17, 2022

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