Dallas Police Officer Charged After Paying Hitmen To Kill Targets

A rather odd twist popped up in a pair of murder investigations in Dallas. It seems that the investigation identified at least one shooter, and then the shooter told the investigators that the killing was a gun for hire situation. And the man who paid for the hit? A Dallas police officer.

Officer Bryan Riser, 36, was arrested Thursday in the unrelated slayings of Liza Saenz, 31, and Albert Douglas, 60, after one of the men charged in Saenz’s death told investigators he kidnapped and killed them at the officer’s direction, Police Chief Eddie Garcia told reporters at a news conference.

Why Riser ordered the hits is not known at this time. He did, actually, have a relationship of some sort with one of the victims, but which one and the nature of the said relationship has not been disclosed by Dallas Police.

Riser also had a relationship with one of the shooters, which one was not revealed. They were friends from childhood who reconnected as adults. Apparently, the pair were known to commit felonies when they were younger and Riser did cook up a plan to burglarize drug houses, but that fell through. Instead, he asked this old buddy to commit capital murder in the state of Texas which is not hesitant to send such people to the death chamber if found guilty.

Riser actually was a person of interest as early as 2018, but the previous police chief decided not to remove him from duty.

The city’s former top cop, U. Renee Hall, told the Dallas Morning News that she was briefed in 2019 that Riser was a “person of interest” in the slayings, but a decision was made not to put him on administrative leave to avoid tipping him off to the probe.

“Doing anything different, we may not have been able to bring justice to the families today,” Hall, who left the department late last year, told the newspaper.

The current Dallas police chief was not a happy camper about one of his own being guilty of this crime.

“This individual has no business wearing this uniform,” Garcia said. “And that’s not just me as police chief, I guarantee you every man and woman that wears this uniform and does the job honorably does not want anyone tarnishing our badge.”…

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