Data Analysis Witness Lays Out What He Believed Happened In The Presidential Election

After this week, the name Bobby Piton may well become a legend when the full story of what happened in the 2020 presidential election is finally written for the honest history books.

The native of Chicago, where corruption can be and usually is a way of life, served as an expert witness to the Arizona state legislature in a hearing regarding irregularities in the vote counts, and compilation of actual ballots.

The eyewitness testimony is bad enough, and there are HUNDREDS of sworn affidavits available telling of the fraud committed. (Lawyers suing the various states also say that witnesses have been threatened and several are under police protection.) But the expert witness testimony of number cruncher Bobby Piton produced this snippet of distilled facts about the situation:

During his testimony, Bobby Piton’s Twitter account was suspended, a dubious badge of honor these days for the crime of speaking the truth.

In addition to the above truth bomb, Mr. Piton laid a land mine at the feet of the Arizona governor who shamelessly certified the election results with former Vice President Biden winning the state, and thus accumulating all of the electoral college votes that go with the certification while Piton was speaking.

In being essentially examined by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Piton had this to say.

This man is so sure that the election results as they now stand in Arizona – and any number of other states – are so fraudulent that he would stake his life on it, and quit any job where he was asked to certify such numbers rather than risk damage to a professional reputation and integrity.

That’s quite a statement.

As the hearings around the country in the states where election results are contested, we the people can expect to see more of this sort of testimony as the country wakes up to the reality that election fraud in this country, yes, did happen, and most likely has been going on so long, there is no real way to know who actually was elected legally in all offices down to dog catcher for the past few decades.

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