DC Pizza Joint Tries To Kill Two Members Of SC National Guard

As if the Washington, D.C. Mayor evicting the National Guard deployed from around the country to defend the nation’s capital from their Hotel was not enough, some Pizza joint decided to bake chunks of broken glass into a pizza ordered by two members of the South Carolina National Guard.

Two members of the South Carolina National Guard who were deployed to Washington, D.C. just being good Americans protecting those who wanted to peacefully protest, found their pizza laced with glass baked into the crust and cheese on top of the pizza.

The soldiers fortunately did not eat the pizza and were not hurt, but had they not noticed the chunks of glass they could have been seriously injured… I’m sure no one would have blamed them had they chewed the glass up and blown a bottle to beat whoever tried to injure them over the heard.

According to a spokeswoman for the South Carolina National Guard the soldiers were encouraged to file a police report to document the incident.

I suppose this is no big deal… Just another fine example of liberal tolerance… (sarcasm)

Am I the only one that thinks some of these petulant liberal idiots need a good old fashioned spanking?

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