Democrat Leaders Inciting Violence

Democrat Leaders Inciting Violence on VIDEO

The Democrats have gone from complete denial of the violence taking place around the country to complete acknowledgment of the violence with a twist…

The twist is that it is President Donald Trump’s Republican Party led campaign of violence and his extreme right-wing radical activist are the ones inciting violence in cities where Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA activists have been peacefully protesting for months now…

The violence has become such a concern to the Democrat Party that they have had to lead Hiden Joe Biden out of his basement to lead a campaign to blame President Trump for the violence that has been taking place… After all, it is Trump’s America right now… He is the President and the buck stops at his feet…

Nevermind that any assertions by the President that he is going to send in the troops to quell the violence taking place around the country are met with lawsuits and assertions that he is acting like a dictator…

Never mind that the only cities that are being destroyed by the violent mobs have been run by Democrats tor decades with zero input from any Republicans… Nope, the Republicans are to blame and President Trump is actively leading the charge…

The Democrats have stepped up their campaign of blame full speed and their narrative is that Donald Trump and the Republicans have been sowing division in America for the past three and a half years and now believe that the violence they have been encouraging will help President Trump get reelected…

There is just one thing the Democrats always seem to forget… They forget that we have video… And it’s not the video of the ’60s and 70s the Pelosi’s and Biden’s still seem to be clinging too… Nope, today everyone has a video camera in their hand and the things politicians do and say are always being recorded… Here’s a hint to Nancy and Joe… Just because you don’t see the media set up around you doesn’t mean you’re not being broadcast around the world…

Video has caught the truth… Or caught you lying depending on which side of the coin you are on… And the truth is it is not only the Democrat-controlled cities that are being destroyed by left-wing anarchist but the Democrats are also the ones that have been sowing the division in America since President Trump took office… They have not only been sowing division, but they have also been encouraging and advocating for violence…

As you will see in the video compilation we have put together for you below, they are not using “dog whistles” as the Democrats love to accuse the Republicans of using when
they can find no direct evidence to support their accusations… No, they are straight-up encouraging violence… They are the ones encouraging people to burst into neighborhoods and harass the people they disagree with… They are the ones encouraging their supporters to not let you live your life in peace… They are the ones donating to and encouraging others to donate to funds that bail their criminal anarchist out of jail when the police take them off the street…

I hope you will share this video with any liberal or independent unsure of who would better lead America out of this pandemic… The video leaves no doubt as to who is needed to put an end to this violence and it is definitely not Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

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Democrat Leaders Inciting Violence

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