Democrat Politician Makes Stunning Statement Rejecting Ilhan Omar

In 2020, with President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again chugging along despite every attempt to derail it, down-ticket Democrats with any sort of sense are essentially seeing the writing on the wall. Dump the far left talk, and distance one’s self from the wackadoodles in the party or face being bounced in office by the big red wave which is currently back building.

In the case of Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson, a veteran of Congress to the tune of sixteen terms, and not all consecutively, he has suddenly decided to distance himself from one of the women who make up “The Squad,” essentially socialists elected to Congress with the intent of essentially turning the tables on the rule of law.

This week, during an exchange with a Republican National Committee staffer, Peterson had no kind words for the freshman congress critter calling herself Ilhan Omar, also of Minnesota.

“I don’t defend her. She doesn’t belong in our party,” Peterson, a 16-term lawmaker, responded, according to a video of the remarks that were obtained by the New York Post.

When asked to clarify his remarks, Peterson reportedly doubled down, saying: “She doesn’t belong in our party.”

Ilhan represents a district in the city of Minneapolis and enjoys considerable support in the community she serves.

Peterson, on the other hand, represents a rural part of the state where conservatism is more the order of the day despite party preference. He is facing a very tough re-election bid in 2020 from the Republican challenger, former Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach.

If Peterson’s reaction to one of the members of “The Squad” and one with scandals piling up like dirty laundry, is any indication, the rank and file of the Democrat Party are not particularly happy with the fringe being in the limelight, especially as their attitudes and rhetoric are decidedly unAmerican. In some places, it would be very difficult to separate from being associated with it.

Obviously, Rep. Peterson is in that position in 2020.

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