Democrat Supporting Riots Gets Physical Beat Down

The time has come for those who are supporting these idiots destroying our country to find out first hand that they are not destroying the country to help the Democrats get elected, they are destroying the country to destroy them…

I’m not in any way approving of what happened to this Democrat Senator in Wisconsin, but I am saying that he should not be surprised that he got his ass beat just like everyone else the mob decides looks out of place. Not a single Democrat has come out and publicly said that the unruly destructive behavior of these rioting morons is unacceptable… In fact, the Democrats along with their mainstream media propaganda machine have been encouraging this mob and putting their stamp of approval on their conduct…

Wisconsin Senator Tim Carpenter was out at night filming the mob, probably so he could post the video to his Facebook page and boast about how worthy and peaceful their cause is as they have all been doing, when he caught the attention of a few mobsters who decided they did not want him filming… He seemed to have thought because he was a Democrat that this would matter to them, but it’s a pretty good bet if the people you are dealing with will destroy the 54th Massachusetts Regiment Monument that honors an all black Union Regiment that fought against the Confederacy because they can’t distinguish it from a Confederate monument, that they are not going to know or care about the difference between a Democrat or Republican…

Our country is under attack and the Democrats had better get on board and realize that… People like this Senator was advocating for defunding the police one day, then getting his ass beat by the mob using the pretext that they are protestesting excessive force… I guarantee you these woke Democrats will be the first ones to run behind the real men… the real American patriots when the dung hits the fan… Something those of us who had the benefit of learning history know happens every time…

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