Democrats Begin Demonizing GOP Fearing Loss

Democrats Begin Demonizing GOP Fearing Loss in Midterm Election

We the people of the United States never seem to get a break from election season. No sooner does one election fiasco end, and another one begins.

And in the case of the 2022 Midterm elections, the 2020 general election really is not settled completely yet, but that is not stopping the Democrats in the House of Representatives, and their mouthpieces from declaring the Republican Party too dangerous to even think about returning them to power.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on Monday issued a memo obtained by Politico that slammed House Republicans’ “reckless and dangerous vision for America,” saying they demonstrate every single day how “unserious, cynical, and dangerous their return to power would be.”

“The stakes are clear – House Republicans are too dangerous for American families,” the memo stated. “The moment Washington Republicans felt their grip on power loosen, they unleashed a full assault on American democracy, culminating in a murderous assault on the Capitol and the introduction of anti-voter legislation across the country.”

So far under the Biden regime, Democrats have been good for families? Seriously? Rampant inflation making fuel, and food so expensive that households are stretched is good for families? All of those ships sitting off the coast of California needing to be offloaded and nothing is happening is good for families?

That doesn’t count the monolithic spending bill that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her minions have put before the nation and are threatening to pass. At least this time, the people and their representatives can read it before they go to pass it. Heaven forbid we should have another Obamacare on our hands that fed the rise in corporate medicine, which is now strangling physicians’ decision making on the best avenues for care for their patients during a “pandemic” where cheap, effective therapeutics is denied in favor of patented drugs, and experimental gene therapy.

And Republicans are the party considered to be dangerous.


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