Democrats Caught Exaggerating Crowd Size

Thank Heaven for social media. If nor for observant eyes, this sleight of hand might have flown under the radar.

On Wednesday night, during the “virtual convention,” the Democrats put up a screen with a number of windows of women watching the event, namely Kamala Harris, Senator from California famous for not pursuing actual crime while she was attorney general in that state, and her acceptance speech. The appearance, of course, was that all these women were excited to support Kamala Harris and the Democrats in the upcoming election.

Thanks to the observant eyes out there on the fruited plain, the truth of the image actually came to light.

Well, isn’t this embarrassing. And to an extent the way things have been going for the Democrats and the presidential candidate, Joe Biden, all election season long. There simply isn’t that big of a crowd all excited about them. Joe Biden regularly draws smallish crowds if at all with all the social distancing nonsense the Democrats insist on demanding in the venues they use. And this has been going on since before the age of COVID-19. Honestly, it is as if the American people just aren’t interested in what the Democrats have to say.

So, what does this do to the chances of the Democrat Party to actually take the presidency? If the constituents they court, namely women, are not interested enough to zoom into the convention and let their faces be seen by the nation? It certainly is not a good sign no matter what the polls have to say. One would think there would be enthusiasm shown publicly if the Democrat ticket really does have a substantial lead over President Donald Trump. Without that public display, the question of just how accurate the polls really are can be asked, since that is the only indication that there is any public outcry for a change in leadership.

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