Democrats Give Republicans Another Ultimatum

Democrats Give Republicans Another Ultimatum

Now that the Democrats have the upper hand in Congress, they are determined to be the ones to call the shots. The latest demand from that side of the aisle comes from a Biden groupie. He now has set a deadline for Republicans to meet if they want a deal on an infrastructure bill.

Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Biden’s home state of Delaware said several senior Senate Republicans had privately signaled they would support a package of up to $1 trillion that targets roads, bridges, and other typical infrastructure areas and includes some tax increases to pay for the legislation.

Biden has proposed a more sweeping $2 trillion infrastructure package, which invests in traditional projects but also seeks to change the course of the U.S. economy by addressing climate change and boosting human services such as eldercare.

Climate change and social spending have nothing to do with infrastructure. Truthfully, the nation’s interstate system, if nothing else, really does need considerable work, and some states are not holding up their end of the bargain in maintaining them.

That does not justify tying unrelated issues like that together.

“I believe that President Biden is open to spending the next month negotiating what the possibility is,” Coons told Punchbowl News in an interview. He said he spoke to the president earlier this week.

If no clear deal exists by the May 31 Memorial Day holiday, Coons added, “I think Democrats just roll it up into a big package and move it.”…

Coons said talks with “several fairly seasoned senior Republicans” suggest bipartisan support for a narrower bill that could be funded partially by higher gasoline taxes and a new fee for electric vehicles to be dedicated to road infrastructure.

Money dedicated to just about anything when it comes to the federal government is fair game when there is a shortfall or someone’s cash cow needs an infusion.

It would be nice if we could believe that such a deal could be struck, but chances are one won’t be.

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