Democrats Plan Hearings To Intimidate Supreme Court

Democrats Plan Hearings To Intimidate Supreme Court Over Failure To Block Texas Abortion Law

Earlier in the week, the Supreme Court of the United States voted 5-4 to refuse to stop a law from taking effect in the state of Texas. That law bans abortion(s) after six weeks. Predictably, liberal heads from coast to coast all but exploded as suddenly violations on women’s rights were in danger as the possibility of more states following suit is most definitely in the cards.

At the federal level, Democrats are trying to figure out a way to stop the Supreme Court from doing what they did earlier in the week for other states: simply not stop a state law from going into effect. That being the case Senator Dick Durbin decided to hold a show hearing where “shadow dockets” were discussed and raked over the coals.

“This anti-choice law is a devastating blow to Americans’ constitutional rights — and the Court allowed it to see the light of day without public deliberation or transparency,” Durbin said in a statement.

He added, “At a time when public confidence in government institutions has greatly eroded, we must examine not just the constitutional impact of allowing the Texas law to take effect, but also the conservative Court’s abuse of the shadow docket.”

“Shadow docket” refers to emergency decisions made by the high court that doesn’t follow normal procedure. The court not only used it to refuse to block the Texas law this week, but Durbin noted the justices also made shadow docket decisions last week “overturning the Biden Administration’s Covid-19 eviction moratorium and rejecting the Administration’s decision to repeal the Trump Administration’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ program.”

In the case of Texas, no real ruling happened, and no bench law was created. The Supreme Court more or less let the Tenth Amendment do the talking. It is really a states’ rights issue.

The other two cases were more about illegal laws being thrown out than not.

For whatever reason, the Texas law scares Democrats and their liberal followers. That being the case, they are looking for a technical reason to get it thrown out. Talking about “shadow dockets” is not going to do it.

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September 5, 2021 4:36 pm

you’re an idiot, durbin. you and your scummy pals aren’t intimidating anyone.