Democrats Quietly Steal Your Guns & Freedom

Democrats Quietly Steal Your Guns & Freedom During Floyd Trial

Most of you may have noticed that since Joe Biden was elected there has been a lot of attention focused on the border, the Floyd trial, and riots seeking justice for all the innocent black kids being shot by cops… You know, those kids with hopes and dreams who always have just “finally” turned their lives around right before they made one last stupid decision in life and fought with the police and tried to flee while reaching for a knife or a gun… Those good innocent kids.

Anyway, I digress… While the mainstream media has been keeping your eyes on all of that stuff, the liberal loons in Washington, frequently referred to as legislators, that claim they represent ALL American people have been busy defunding police departments around the country while building up their police department at the Nations Capitol and supplementing it with National Guard troops… Walls don’t work, fences don’t work, and we should get rid of all the police officers in the country except those that surround and protect them… They are fighting for us, they are working hard to “protect” us…

This has all been a smokescreen… What they have actually been doing is far worse… They don’t want to protect us, they want to control us… I don’t want either out of them and I am pretty sure most people supporting this site feel the same way… That’s not the purpose of the federal government… Somewhere along the way, they seem to have forgotten that it is WE the people who give them any and all authority they have to do anything…

The liberal loons led by Nancy Pelosi have actually been drafting legislation in three areas that will literally change the Republic… The first is the For The People Act… The “For the people act” is designed to flood the ballot box requiring every vote received to be counted with no verification that it is one vote from one person… The act would even prevent states from removing voters from voter rolls… Why? Because the Democrats consider the dead eligible to vote… Those are the people states endeavor to remove from their voting rolls but the federal government does not want them doing it.

The second thing they are seeking to dismantle is the Second Amendment and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson has already put forth legislation that would not only require you to obtain government permission to own a firearm, but you would also have to pay a $600 fee and be evaluated by s psychiatrist and that’s just for starters… If you get their approval your guns would be registered in a federal database, your magazines would be limited to 10 rounds and the firearms that use those high-capacity magazines would all be banned. The Bill, H.R. 127 is pure insanity and would never withstand Supreme Court scrutiny… Ah, but wait…

This is the reason the Democrats have put forth a Bill to add four liberal justices to the Supreme Court increasing the number from 9 to 13… If the Democrats are successful in getting the Bill passed and add four new liberal justices they will be able to do pretty much anything so long as they appoint four radical liberal Justices with a solid history of legislating from the bench… There is no shortage of them…

On Thursday morning April 15, 2021, a group of radical liberal Democrats lead by Congressman Jerry Nadler stood on the steps of the Capitol and announced their “Supreme Court-packing Bill.”

They did not just announce the Bill and explain what it was about, no… They stood on the steps of the United States Capitol and accused our Supreme Court Justices of being racist and even insinuated the Justices bear some responsibility for the January 6th attack on the Capitol… It was the most reckless and frankly dangerous display of ignorance I think I have ever witnessed… It was the sort of rhetoric that does cause civil unrest and insurrection in a country that values liberty and the three separate but equal branches of government… All three of these bills encroach on the freedom and liberty of Americans and should be taken very seriously…

I would encourage everyone to contact their representatives in Washington and let them know how you feel and encourage them to take a firm stand in defense of your liberty… If the Senate were to eliminate the filibuster all of this goes from being the ramblings of a bunch of radical liberal loons and becomes a real possibility… They will get their “Democracy” and destroy our Republic… Such a thing could result in an actual insurrection… I suspect it would result in civil unrest the likes of which we have not seen since the country fought a civil war…

Get involved… Contact your legislators… Pray for the safety and security of our Republic…

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