Democrats Seek To Abolish The Electoral College

Democrats Seek To Abolish The Electoral College

It happens every presidential election season. For some reason those who support Democrat candidates for president want the Electoral College eliminated in favor of accepting the results of a popular vote for president. See, in a popular vote for president, only the most populated areas would need to be canvassed to recruit voters, and the rest of the country…well, it’s not known as “flyover” country for nothing.

Unless the political “elites” are forced to visit, they tend to forget the rest of us exist.

What they don’t forget, though, is that with the Electoral College in place, We the People get a voice in deciding who will occupy the Oval Office – and frequently our choice is not theirs.

That reality is precisely why the founders put the system into place, to begin with.

Democrats Seek To Abolish The Electoral College

And so, in 2020, right on schedule, Gallup has put out information on a poll that claims a majority of Americans want to abolish the Electoral College and go with the popular vote option.

89% of Democrats, 68% of Independents and 23% of Republicans support amending the Constitution to abolish the Electoral College and base the presidential election on the popular vote, according to the poll, which was conducted between August 31 and September 13.

Overall support for abolishing the Electoral College is at its highest point since 2011 (62% supported abolishing it) and six points higher than in 2019, and support among Democrats is the highest it’s been at any point since Gallup began tracking the question again in 2000.

Majorities have typically favored abolishing the Electoral College, including both between 1967 and 1980, when Gallup first polled the issue, and since 2000—with the exception of directly after the 2016 election, when only 49% favored abolishment.

A couple points to be made about polls: One, they only surface when the parent publication wants to push that a particular issue or candidate is popular so as to get people on board with a “winner”; and Two…Trump supporters and those who cling to the Electoral College like it was guns or religion tend not to participate in polls.

Democrats Seek To Abolish The Electoral College

And then there’s the matter of actually getting such an amendment out of Congress, let alone getting thirty-eight states to ratify it. It’s been tried over seven hundred times and hasn’t happened yet. There’s no good sign that it will happen now.

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