Democrats Shocked That Americans Love America

Democrats Shocked That Americans Love America

As the Republican National Convention progresses with just two days in the record books the Democrats started showing their true feelings about America and all she represents from day one…

The one thing that is painfully clear to all patriotic American’s in that the Democrats hate America… Well, they hate the concept of a nation full of people who believe their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness come from God and not the government…

They hate the idea and cannot imagine a nation of people who believe their rights come from God and that those people have the intellect and intelligence to make day-to-day decisions on their own… The Democrats have become so power-hungry over the years that the concept of people making their own decisions, providing for their own physical well being, and educating their children without direction from the government scares the hell out of them…

The Democrats do not want the schools teaching the citizens of this great nation anything they have not approved… The media that has become their propaganda machine will not permit the people to see or read anything that has not been reviewed and complies with what they want the people to think, and gone are the days when people could read a variety of viewpoints and filter fact from fiction on their own…

The Democrats claim they are the big tent party that accepts everyone, but they only accept them on their terms… How a party can profess to respect hard-working American’s and minorities, yet believe they are so ignorant that they can not obtain a free identification card is beyond rational thought…

The Democrats praise themselves for being the party that loves minorities and have opened the door of opportunity for them, yet when presented with a dozen minority Presidential candidates to choose from in 2020 as their nomination for President, they chose the oldest white man they had among them…

And their love for minorities was on full display on day two of the Republican National Convention when Bette Midler sent out a Tweet during the First Ladies speech that read, Oh, God. She still can’t speak English… Absolutely pathetic!

Former Governor of Illinois, Rob Blagojevich, describes the Democrat Parties sentiment toward America the best in his video below… I hope you will take a minute to watch it and listen to what he has to say… It is a shame that a party with such anti-American sentiments exists in America today and I hope the American people send them a devastating message in November… One that makes it clear they have taken a turn for the worse and that the American people will not tolerate it…

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