Democrats Still After Trump's Personal Financial Data

Democrats Still After Trump’s Personal Financial Data

The Democrats really don’t know when to quit. Thus far, every time they have not only gone after President Donald Trump’s financial records when they actually get a hold of some of them, nothing nefarious is found.

Why this persists is a witch hunt that just won’t end.

So, in an effort to satisfy the courts which are cooperating in the effort and the Democrats who aren’t going to be happy until they find a needle in a field full of hay, President Trump’s lawyers offered to provide a glimpse into his financial empire prior to his first term in office.

Former President Donald Trump has offered to give House Democrats a peek at financial statements related to his complex business empire from before his 2016 presidential bid and eight years of contracts with his accounting firm, but refused to divulge more sensitive source data or internal communications, his lawyers told a federal judge Thursday.

The disclosure of the offer, made in late June in unsuccessful court-ordered mediation, came as Trump urged a federal judge in Washington to end a stalemate and toss out a 2019 House subpoena for eight years of his financial records, calling the congressional demand unconstitutional and unenforceable.

Of course, this did not satisfy Democrats looking for a way to disqualify business leaders from seeking higher office.

“The Committee on Oversight and Reform doesn’t need a decade’s worth of the former president’s sensitive financial information to legislate new financial regulations for all future presidents,” attorney Cameron Norris argued., saying lawmakers have plenty of power to gather data from other sources to overhaul disclosure rules.

Trump is no longer president, but the threat to the separation of powers if the court rules otherwise remains, Norris said.

Enforcing the subpoena could unconstitutionally weaken every future president in dealings with Congress, raising the prospect that once he or she leaves office, lawmakers could compel and post for the world to see their most sensitive data, Norris said.

While that might be true, the Democrats are bound and determined to find dirt on a man who has never produced any in over fifty years of public life.

At least that quest is keeping a lot of them busy and out of everyday Americans’ hair.

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