Dunkin Donut Employee Gets Stupid

Deplorable Disgusting Assault On Police Lands Dunkin’ Donut Employee Behind Bars!

A Dunkin’ Donuts employee in Chicago is sitting in the Chicago Police Department’s Eighth District after pulling a stupid stunt on an Illinois State Trooper.

25-year-old Vincent Sessler was serving up coffee on the morning of July 30th at the Dunkin’ Donut store on Archer Avenue in Chicago when an Illinois State Trooper stops by to get a cup of coffee at around 1030 hours…

The State Trooper orders a cup of nice hot black coffee from Vincent or was polite and cordial with the State Trooper when he ordered his coffee… It was a typical mundane transaction the likes of which take place all day long in Dunkin’ Donut stores all over the place…

That was until the State Trooper sat down with his fresh hot cup of coffee. As is the habit of many the State Trooper removes the lid on his hot cup of black coffee and notices something floating on top… It was not a fly or cockroach doing the backstroke… Nope, it was a huge snot-filled loogie dropped in fresh just moments before through the lips of none other than 25-year-old Vincent Sessler… NASTY!

With the hate-a-cop movement taking place among America’s youth these days the police have been tolerating an awful lot of abuse from punks like this and the liberal mayors that control them have done nothing to support them… In fact, they have tied their hands reducing them to nothing but a full-size stress ball for these creeps to shout at and throw things at…

This was no local cop though and Mayor Lightfoot has no dominion over him so the Illinois State Police promptly opened an investigation so they could properly gather all the physical evidence necessary to prosecute the creep that spits in the Troopers coffee.

At this time when there is a deadly Coronavirus pandemic killing people doing something like spitting in someone’s coffee should be considered attempted murder… This dirtbag kid has no idea if he’s A-symptomatic or if he came in contact with the virus recently… He has no clue what effect the virus could have on someone else… It could kill the State Trooper.

It didn’t take the State Police to put a nice shiny pair of bracelets on this creep and he gets to spend some time in jail where, for all he knows, he could become infected with the Coronavirus…

The Director of the Illinois State Police, Brendan Kelly has said that the Illinois State Troopers will now be banned from going to Dunkin’ Donut store to prevent any possibility of anyone pulling a similar stunt that could endanger their lives.

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