Deputy’s Gun Jams As Mask Enraged Man With Knife Rushed Toward Her

There are several valuable lessons to learn from this video below showing a man in Eaton County, Michigan attacking a deputy with a knife in hand.

About 30 minutes before the deputy encountered 43-year-old Sean Ruis in the quiet suburban neighborhood he had stabbed a 77-year-old man in a nearby Quality Dairy store because he was not wearing a mask… Yeah, that’s right… Not wearing a mask.

After he stabbed the elderly man who was taken to the hospital in serious condition but stable and will survive, he was spotted by an Eaton County deputy pulling into the suburban neighborhood where he was known to live.

The initial view you see is from a doorbell camera in the neighborhood that shows the deputy initiated a traffic stop. As soon as Mr. Ruis stops his vehicle, he can be seen stepping out of the car and walking toward the deputy’s car. As the video cuts to the deputy’s body camera view you can see Mr. Ruis is holding knives in one hand and a screwdriver in the other.

The closer Mr. Ruis gets to the deputy the faster he begins to advance toward her. The deputy had begun giving Mr. Ruis commands to stay back as soon as he started walking toward her but as you can see he continues. The deputy finally begins firing at Mr. Ruis and he swiftly advances as she is shooting and retreating backward. After firing several shots the deputy’s gun jams and the one thing to her credit she does quickly clear the jam and continues to fire at Mr. Ruis until he falls to the ground.

Now I don’t want to seem to harsh on the deputy here because she did everything textbook perfect to include one hell of a job clearing the jam she experienced… To be honest I am impressed she did such a fine job of clearing the jam under stress because she had one heck of a time getting her shots placed on Mr. Ruis. The video is an excellent illustration of how fast a man with a knife can become a deadly threat to someone, even if that someone has a gun… The Deputy had a hard enough time getting a round in the midsection of Mr. Ruis under stress… Had she been programmed to shoot people in their knee or leg as many ignorant liberals like to suggest every time a cop kills someone, she would probably be dead right now.

Knowing that this all started over someone not wearing a mask is really sad and pathetic… With things as crazy and tense as they are these days, it’s probably a good idea to just live and let live… There is a lot of mask nazi’s out there who believe they are somehow responsible for shaming those who don’t comply and it is getting people hurt and dead… It’s a good idea to recognize that this pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of many people and there is no way of knowing who is on their last nerve and who is not…

Have a look at the video and take what you will from it… Stay safe and stay healthy… We will get through these times…

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Was The Deputy Shooting Him Justified?

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August 4, 2020 11:27 am

I’d ding the fearless lady for not dropping the attacker with the first — nor even the second — shot…

Ellen Peba
Ellen Peba
August 4, 2020 11:41 am

I’m so sick of Communist-Democrats–please,someone, make them go away.