Desperate Afghan Forces American C-17 To Make Emergency Landing

The video coming from Afghanistan this week, particularly the footage of thousands of men rushing to catch American Military planes, literally, has been dramatic, to say the least. It looks like the men making a run for it are treating airplanes like they would trains, buses, and trucks, just trying to pile on.

In one case, it looks like a man may have actually stowed away on one of the flights. Remains of a dead Afghan were found in the landing gear of a plane that had taken off from Kabul.

Human remains were found inside the C-17 transport plane’s wheel well after pilots were forced to make an emergency landing in a nearby country because they were unable to retract the landing gear, sources told the Washington Post.

Anyone who does this has to be truly desperate to leave a situation. Either that or they did it on a dare.

In this case, though, to give the people of Afghanistan the benefit of the doubt, it does appear that thousands are trying to get out of the country now that the United States has essentially surrendered the country to a terrorist regime not unlike what happened over forty-five years ago in Vietnam.

Former President Donald Trump noted the history linking the two embarrassing evacuations. “What took place yesterday in Afghanistan made our withdrawal from Vietnam look like child’s play. Perhaps in World history, there has never been a withdrawal operation that has been handled so disastrously,” he said in a statement sent via email, adding that President Biden has “brought great shame, in many ways, to our Country!”

At the time of all of this chaos, Crazy Uncle Joe Biden was not squatting in the White House, but reportedly at Camp David on vacation. He did take a break from his busy schedule to give a national address…and then he left.

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