DHS Warns Of White Supremacist

DHS Warns Of White Supremacist While ANTIFA & BLM Run Rampant

It would appear that the Department of Homeland Security is trying to generate nationwide dissension and conflict by warning law enforcement agencies the Department of Homeland Security will be on “heightened alert” over the July 4th weekend for White Supremacist looking to exploit the states that have rolled back their COVID restrictions… In other words, if you are in a Republican-controlled state that no longer requires you to wear a diaper on your face the DHS will be watching closely for the white supremacists that will be declaring autonomous zones, burning courthouses, and looting every business in town…

Of course, while they are looking for white supremacists doing all these things the far-left radicals of ANTIFA and BLM will continue to actually do such things with impunity, and anyone accidentally arrested will be immediately released using bail money raised by the Vice President and the prosecutor will drop the charges when they cross their desk… But please, be on the lookout for all those crazy white supremacists because they have been detecting an awful lot of “chatter” talking anti-government things and God forbid anyone in America dare to criticize their government… That’s only allowed if you make the US Olympic Team or play professional sports… Only then can you talk about how China is great and America was never great… Only then can you express support for an organization like Black Lives Matter that burns courthouses, attacks police officers, and raises millions in charitable funds that no one can trace… Well, at least not trace to anything charitable…

Black lives only seem to matter if a white cop shoots a black man trying to kill them… No one cares about the black lives being taken away in their youth in Chicago… Hell, just ask the mayor there she will tell you the number of shootings and killings are going down… Of course, that’s as big of a lie as the one that white supremacists are walking around sucker-punching Asians…

According to an assessment of domestic terrorism conducted this past March, the two most lethal elements are “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists who advocate for the superiority of the white race and anti-government or anti-authority violent extremists, such as militia violent extremists.” Now, remember, the key phrase there is if you’re white… It’s OK if you are a black man going around knocking Asians out and stomping their heads into the pavement or burning your neighborhood and looting every business in town… That’s not extreme nor is it considered any form of terrorism… That’s justice!

Please, no one panic though, the U.S. Government is also working to find ways to counter polarization that’s often fueled by disinformation, misinformation, and dangerous conspiracy theories online, supporting an environment that fosters healthy democratic discourse, says the National Terrorism Strategy… In other words, you white Republicans are being monitored by the government with the cooperation of big tech who will censor and report anything that goes against the permitted Democrat talking points… It’s OK if you are a Democrat and want to attack and defund the police or spread lies like cops are the number one killer of young black men and America is systemically racist… Oh, and let’s not forget the American Revolution was fought to prevent the British from outlawing slavery in the colonies… Just to name a few…

Now, just in case I have someone a little slow reading all of this it is full of something called “sarcasm” but don’t let that fool you either because oftentimes there is a whole lot of truth in sarcasm… If you are unable to sort it out then you have probably wandered onto a website that has nothing in common with you, but if you did I hope you can learn something from this… If not you are probably that poor kid I heard about that failed lunch class and your mommy wants you back in her basement.

To everyone else, please do not mistake anything I have said as me being a racist because I have no tolerance for racism… I despise it as much as I do hypocrisy, Democrats, and corrupt government…

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